Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conversation with a five year old

The husband and son of a woman I work with are meeting her for lunch. She brings them through the engineering department and the boy's gaze goes immediately to a sketch of a dragon I did for one of my co-workers.
"Where did you get that dragon?" the boy asks. His name is Bailey. He's five.
"Charles drew it for me," my co-worker tells him and points to me. Bailey looks at me. I probably don't look like a guy who can draw dragons.
I say, "Would you like me to draw a dragon for you?"
Vigorous nod. "Can I watch you?"
"Sure, come on over." I snatch up some paper and a pencil. His mom beams as moms do when you do things for their kids. Bailey stands at my elbow as I start to sketch.
"First I draw the eyes," I say.
"Why do you draw the eyes first?"
"So I know how big his head will be."
I begin to draw from the head down to the slope of the neck and chest and Bailey's eyes get wider.
"How are you doing that?!"
"Doing what?"
"Just drawing that dragon?"
"I don't know. It's just coming out of the pencil."
"He has big teeth. Is he a friendly dragon?"
"Yeah, he's friendly. Here, I'll draw him waving at you."
"Are you going to give him wings?"
"Sure." I start sketching wings.
"He needs wings so he can fly," Bailey says.
"I don't think he'd still be aerodynamically capable of flight."
"Nothing. I'm giving him legs like a Tyrannosaurus."
"Ooooh, I like Tyrannosaurus."
"Me too."
I finish up and scribble a hasty CR at the bottom of the drawing. Bailey gives me a high five and he's off to lunch with his mom and dad, leaping and jumping and waving his drawing around. Unlike my non-aerodynamic dragon, he doesn't need wings to fly.

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Lanny said...

GREAT story!