Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday at the Bookstore

Today I had lunch with my pal Trish and then headed over to Marietta Book Nook, a used bookstore I frequent. It's a spin off of the original Book Nook, which used to be located at Claremont Road in Decatur. The Marietta location has a pretty decent turnover of books so I find it worth my time to swing in there about once a month.
Had a couple of interesting finds today. Two of Katherine Kurtz's original Deryni series from 1970. I'm not overly interested in the Deryni books, but the early volumes of her long running series were published as part of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, which means they have introductions but Lin Carter. I mentioned Carter's book, Imaginary Worlds, in one of my earlier posts. Carter was the Editor of the BAF series in the late sixties/early seventies.
Most of the BAF books were reprints of classic fantasies by authors like Lord Dunsany, William Morris, and James Branch Cabell, but Carter also introduced some new fantasy writers like Kurtz and Joy Chant. Anyway, I was glad to get these books because the BAFs always have nifty covers as well as the editorial material from Lin Carter. Look here for really small (but plentiful) scans.
My other find was a reprint of Alfred Hutton's 1901 book on swordplay, The Sword and the Centuries. The book contains first hand accounts of actual combat with edged weapons going back to the thirteenth century with commentary by Hutton, who was himself an expert on fencing. You'd have to know me to know how cool I think this is.

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