Sunday, November 12, 2006

Red Sky at Morning

The horizon looks like it's on fire this morning at sunrise. I think that's supposed to be bad for sailors. For me it's just a plus for being up early. Nippy out there with a strong cold wind sending leaves skittering everywhere. This has been one of the more beautiful autumns I can remember here in Georgia. The trees turned color a bit late but when they turned they went for it full out. My cold is better this morning. Throat no longer sore, though now my head is stopped up. I made myself sit still all day yesterday. I read Jonathan Kellerman's 'A Cold Heart' and I watched Hellboy and Pirates of the Carribbean, and I mindlessly surfed the Internet. I'm going to make a run to Border's Bookstore in a couple of hours when they open. That should keep me from getting cabin fever and there's a Christmas present I need to pick up there. Otherwise I plan to just chill out some more and get this cold over with. Not the way I had planned my weekend to go, but I've certainly had worse.

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