Sunday, December 24, 2006

Best. Toy. Ever.

Favorite Christmas Toy? Probably The G.I. Joe Adventure Team Headquarters pictured left. Got this in the early 1970s. (No I don't still have it. These pics are from Ebay.)
It was really nifty. See the upper left pic? That's it all closed up and ready to carry out to your back yard or down to the creek. (Once when I took it to the creek, a Copperhead got inside of it. THAT was an adventure.)
Upper right shows the command chair. It slides up and down that pole so Joe can sit upstairs and look out the big picture window. (see lower right.)
All that stuff in the lower left pic? Searchlight, map table, equipment racks. This was a major major neato toy. My cousin Rick had one too and we would sometimes combine them into one giant SUPER Headquarters. I can still remember finding that under the tree.

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Lanny said...

An astute analysis of what is surely a toy icon! Let's hear it for G.I. Joe!

Thanks for sharing a great Christmas memory.