Friday, December 15, 2006

The Power of Suggestion (and peanut butter)

This morning, I read in my pal Bonnie's blog that she had baked peanut butter cookies. Of course then I wanted a peanut butter cookie. Now it's 5:30 am or so, so I know peanut butter cookies are going to be thin on the ground on my way to work, but still, once the suggestion had been planted I couldn't seem to shake it, so I says to myself, I says, "Mrs. Fields has some pretty decent soft, gooey peanut butter cookies that you can usually buy in individual packages. Bet they have those at the Quick Trip that's on your way to work."
A good idea, but wrong. That particular Quick Trip didn't have them. Checked my watch. Time for one more stop before I'll be late for work, and if you read the 'Six Weird Things' post down the page a little, you know that late for work is not acceptable. In my minds eye, I project a map of the other convenience stores that are possible outlets for Mrs. Field's peanut butter cookies. I reject two as too far away and head for the only one that will allow me to still reach work by my appointed time. Time grows short and this is my last chance before giving up and having one of the pop tarts I keep in my desk for breakfast instead of the much desired peanut butter cookie.
I reach the convenience store and hurry in out of the fog, eyes scanning the shelves even as the door is closing behind me, and YES, there are several big boxes of Mrs. Field's cookies. They have the Chocolate Chip, The Special Dark Chocolate Chip, the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and the Holy Grail which I seek, the Peanut Butter cookies. I snatch up two, pay the cashier and hurry back to the truck.
The cookies are gone as I sit here at my desk, typing when I should be drafting. They were quite tasty. Nowhere in the realm of Bonnie's homemade cookies, made with Beth's special recipe I'm sure, but hey, it satisfied the craving. Okay, must draw now.

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