Saturday, December 09, 2006

Six Weird Things

Someone tagged Beth at her blog to write down six weird things about herself. She was kind enough not to tag anyone else, but she said volunteers were fine. So here are six weird things about me.

1. I have never had an alcoholic drink. None. Zip. Nada. No beer. No wine. Nothing. This is in no way a moral decision or statement. My parents drink, My brother drinks. Some of my friends drink. Somehow I just never got around to it.

2. I am pathologically punctual. I live in absolute dread of being late. If I'm supposed to show up at a friend's apartment at 6:00, I'll be sitting in the parking lot reading a book at 5:45, so I can walk up to the door at 5:59 and thirty seconds.

3. I have read over 10 thousand books in my lifetime. Possibly approaching 20 thousand. Now some of my friends wouldn't find that weird at all, but the average person just freaks out, and I suspect many of them think I'm lying. True though. Until I moved a couple of years back I actually still owned over five thousand.

4. I know how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop without biting. I counted when I was about 10 and have always remembered. The world may never know, but I do.

5. I can print upside down and from right to left as easily as I print upside right and from left to right. No idea why. I have often weirded out people sitting across from me who asked me to write my address or something down by quickly scribbling it upside right for them but upside down for me. I didn't realize this was in any way unusual until I was about 16. I thought everyone could do it.

6. I am always completely dressed when I'm at home. Once out of the shower I put on pants, shirt, socks and shoes, even if I'm not going anywhere. I don't own lounging clothes. Never wander around barefoot. I can step out the door at a moments notice.

That's it. I'm not tagging anyone either, but feel free to join the party.


cliff said...

I guess it would be discreet to say that I "dress comfortably" when I'm around the house. I never wear shoes in the house, although I do wear short ankle-high athletic socks (Thorlo brand exclusively). I usually doff my shirt when I come in from walking, prior to working out with weights, and rarely remember to put it back on until I'm going somewhere. However, that doesn't mean I'm not pretty much ready to go out at a moment's notice--I have no qualms about going outdoors shirtless, and generally exercise outdoors without a shirt during the late spring, the summer, and the early fall.

Whitney said...

We don't believe in shoes in my house. Usually there's a pile of them by the door, and once it's warm enough that I don't have to have socks to keep my toes from freezing off it's flip-flops and sandals all the way.