Sunday, January 21, 2007

Less of Me

I'm wearing smaller pants this morning. Dropped a pant size since New Years by upping my cardio vascular workouts and by giving up enriched flour and processed sugar. I had noticed my weight had taken an alarming shift upwards while my shoulder was injured. Too much eating and not enough exercise. Didn't really want to go on a diet, so I did some reading and discovered that most of the weightlifters kept their muscle mass lean by staying away from white bread and sweets.
These days my eating consists primarily of protein, fruits, vegetables, and non-fat dairy products. For instance this morning I had a big breakfast, but where that once would have consisted of a trip to Waffle House, it now was made up of scrambled Egg Beaters (all the good stuff in eggs without the bad stuff) turkey roll ups (skinless turkey, sliced deli thin and rolled up) and organic oatmeal with Splenda and ground cinnamon. Total calories, 360. Total grams of fat, less than 10. I try to keep my fat intake under 25 grams a day.

I'm also eating six times a day to keep my metabolism revved up. I'll have some non fat yogurt here in a bit, and maybe some cereal for lunch. (Organic Raisin Bran). Dinner will probably consist of grilled chicken breast with green peas and onions or black beans. Might eat some fat free cottage cheese as a snack somewhere in there.
Basically it seems like I'm eating more than I normally would but my weight continues to drop and all that protein is great for weightlifting. I'm planning to drop another two pant sizes over the next six months or so. Slow and steady wins the race.

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Al said...

Kudos to you! You have a smart and sensible plan, and your body is thanking you for it.

Eat less. Exercise more.

Less talk. More...

Ah, well, you get the idea.