Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sound and Fury...

I always feel kind of sorry for the TV news people when we have a near miss with snow or ice here in Georgia. The night before the event they are as full of portents of doom as any seer from British Literature. ICE! SNOW! Frozen death laying in wait upon every highway and an ice troll under every bridge and overpass.
And as usual, nothing happens.
In the morning they shuffle their feet and cast nervous glances at the other anchor people, never looking directly at the camera as they ramble on about "near misses" and "dodged bullets."
They show stock footage of the DOT trucks, assuring us that they would have been out in force had anything actually happened. They cut to some poor junior newsperson standing by the highway in the northernmost Georgia county, who points at puddles and tells you how this deadly liquid could have become lethal ice if the temperatures had gotten just a little colder.
You can almost see the weatherman praying for a fire or a murder. Anything that will take the attention away from the weather, or the lack thereof.

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Laura Kinsale said...

And here I was imagining you iced in. We are on tap for another snowstorm tonight and tomorrow, 4th Friday in 4 weeks!