Monday, January 29, 2007

A Stay at Home Weekend

Whenever people inquire about how I maintain my budget on the weekends, my response is pretty much this: "When I have money, I go and when I don't I stay." This was a stay weekend. A couple of unexpected domestic purchases pretty much cleaned out my entertainment cash for the weekend.
Basically my budget works on a cash basis. Every week when I get paid, I deposit X amount of dollars in the bank and keep out X amount in "walking around money." I don't own a debit card or a check card and my credit card is for identification purposes only these days. I also don't carry a check book. The money I allocate is all I have until payday rolls around again. For all intents and purposes, once money goes into the bank, it doesn't exist. It is there to pay bills. Period.
Now as long as I don't need shoes or clothes or something unexpected, I usually have a little cash for books and such. All and all it's not that horrible a budget. But boy, those weeks when I have to pay for mundane things that suddenly pop up make for some boring weekends.
So anyway, I was home most of Saturday and Sunday. I read all my Viking reference books. I now know more than I'll ever need to know about Vikings. I also re-read Robert B. Parker's Mortal Stakes, a couple of L. Sprague Decamp/Lin Carter Conan short stories, plus the book on Byzantium. The book about Greece turned out to be pretty worthless so I didn't finish it.
I also watched the Viking Documentary and a documentary about the MGM Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan films. I dug through some old comic books (more about that later) and I culled a few more books for the library sale. I spent way too much time mindlessly surfing the Internet as well, but that's normal.
In July, when all my debts are paid off, I'm not sure how I'll handle things. I'll probably stick pretty close to the same budget, because it will be a good way to save money for trips and such. But I'll cut myself more slack on the weekends. More going and less staying.

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