Friday, January 05, 2007

Weights in the Balance

I have been lifting weights pretty steadily since 1996. March of 96 in fact, so almost eleven years. This has given me an 18 inch neck and added bulk to my already broad chest and shoulders. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a body builder. I'm not all cut and pumped. I just have big arms and can bench press 360 pounds.
However, back at the end of October I had a shoulder injury which kept me from lifting for about six weeks. I decided just to wait until after Christmas to get back to the gym. This week was the week. I am in pain. I forgot how much starting over hurts. You lose a lot of your strength too in some areas. I had to drop about 50 pounds off my bench press to get all my reps in. It will take a few weeks to get back to where I was and it will hurt.
Oddly enough, I hadn't lost any strength in my triceps. (Those are the big muscles on the backs of your arms, just below your shoulders and opposite your biceps.) Everyone wants big biceps so they can flex, but the triceps really do most of the work.
Anyway, I got into the gym today and did chest and triceps, then did two miles on the treadmill. I'd lost a little endurance too, so that was tougher than it had been. It too will come back. I'm on a split routine, which means I lift three days a week. Sunday morning I will do shoulders and biceps. Middle of the week I'll do back and legs. Treadmill all of those days.
I like lifting weights but I actively hate cardiovascular training. I've been doing a lot of my walking in my neighborhood just because the treadmill is so boring. Of course I can read on the treadmill even when walking at four miles and hour, so sometimes I do that. I don't run or jog. 21 years of karate left me with a bad left knee, so running is out. I walk really fast though.
Anyway, I guess I'm back in the saddle.

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