Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Quiet Weekend

I wasn't broke this time, but I was close enough. Losing weight and having to buy new clothes is a good thing, but it is eating into my entertainment funds. Still, I was mostly at home this weekend more by choice than by necessity. I read a lot of course. Finished up Oath of Swords and read Blue Screen by Robert B. Parker, Conan and the Shaman's Curse by Sean A. Moore, and started A Little Yellow Dog by Walter Mosley.
Oh, and I won a bid on Ebay I really wanted. More on that later.
I also started a short story, which is going well and I hope to carry through to completion. I am the king of fragments so I never know until I'm well into something whether I'll finish it or not. I've abandoned a couple of stories less than two pages from the end. I'm like that.
This one is titled The Lurkers Below, a purposely Lovecraftian title which, surprisingly, Lovecraft never used, and is a pure, old fashion sword & sorcery story.

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