Sunday, February 04, 2007

Birthday Money

Tomorrow is my birthday. I've already gotten my presents from my parents and my grandmother. Both were cash. I decided to blow some of that this morning on a couple of items I've had my eye on. First was the second season of the new Doctor Who. While only passably interested in the old series, I absolutely love the new show. It features witty writing in the Buffy/Angel style, fast paced, cleverly plotted adventures, and two vastly different but well played Doctors so far. And of course Billie Piper, the Doctor's blonde companion is quite the babe.
The boxed set is vastly overpriced but Border's had it marked down 20%, so I went ahead and bought it. I'd picked up the first set used for about half price.
Other two purchase were related to my continuing study of all things Viking. The Sagas of the Icelanders is a massive book at nearly 800 pages and is one of the primary sources for Viking history. A Short History of Byzantium weighs in at a mere 439 pages but it is reportedly chock full of historical goodness.

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