Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Charles's Salsa Beans and Rice

Time for another high protein, low fat recipe. This time it's a side dish. You'll need:

1 Can Bush's Black Beans
1 Package Uncle Ben's Microwave Whole Grain Brown Rice
1 Onion
Salsa (I use Herdez Salsa Casera, found in the Spanish food section of the grocery store)

Pour the beans into a medium pot. (Medium being big enough to hold a can of beans and a whole package of rice.) Heat beans on Medium until they begin to simmer. Rice will take 90 seconds to nuke, so have it in the microwave oven ready to go. Once beans are simmering nuke the rice. Then add rice to beans and stir until both are simmering. Add chopped onions at this point. Take off the heat and pour half the contents onto a plate and half into a Tupperware container.
Now dollop the salsa onto the mixture on the plate and serve with Chicken. I like the Pilgrim's Farm Key Lime seasoned chicken breasts, but Purdue Shortcuts chicken works well too.
This recipe makes two servings. The half in the Tupperware goes into the fridge for a second meal. I usually dump some chopped chicken into a microwave bowl with the beans and rice, nuke for two minutes, stir, then nuke for two more minutes. Add the salsa and you have a Chicken and beans rice bowl.
Always add the salsa last or it seems to lose some of it's kick. You can also add a handful of shredded fat free cheddar cheese if you like. I tried that tonight and it was quite tasty.
Total calories per half recipe 267. Chicken breasts are 100 calories each. I eat two but I'm a big guy. Minimal fat and lots of protein. Grrrrr!


Beth said...

Though my spiritual beliefs compel me to loudly condemn the use of fat-free "cheese", I must still say: OMG! Chas is cooking AND posting recipes! I totally take all the credit for this development.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

The credit's yours, no doubt. I'll have to try it with real cheese later on. The Kraft-Free cheddar isn't bad, though.