Friday, February 09, 2007

Dream a Little Dream

And the weird dreams continue. Was dreaming this morning about a young girl from an alternate universe who had been sent to our universe to hide out from some enemies of her parents. The bad guys had sent a very ugly, slimy, winged black dragon through the dimensional warp to kill her. My dreams are often very cinematic and this one opened with the dragon appearing here on earth and killing several people at a gas station in Canton, where I used to live.
Then the scene shifted to me, sitting on a couch in the house in the suburbs where the girl was living with her adopted family. She was sitting at the kitchen table, doing her homework. Now in that odd logic that dreams have, I was aware that the dragon had just appeared in this world and had killed some folks and was now heading my way. I was checking the hollow point shells I had loaded in my .357 and figuring that it would probably take a head shot to bring down a dragon, which worried me a little because the dragon was only about the size of a large horse, so its head would be a small and difficult target, weaving on the long neck.
My plan was to wait until the dragon tried to force its way into the house. That way it would have limited room to maneuver, which would give me a better chance at shooting it. Failing that, once it was inside, we could hurry out the back door while it blundered around, and get away in my truck.
I should write a book on self defense from slimy inter-dimensional dragons.

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