Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Internal Soundtrack

One of my weirder talents is perfect pitch. I can sing. I can whistle songs note for note and never miss a note. I consider it one of my more useless abilities since I've no interest in singing as anything more than a way to pass the time while driving. Many close friends are unaware of the fact that I can sing, or that I used to be in choir. (My departure from choir was pretty violent actually. I beat up two other choir boys and walked.)
But I have music in my head most of the time. Often songs drift up from my subconscious and ramble around. Sometimes I find that I am whistling without being aware of it. (I like to think it's like Doc Savage's habit of trilling when in moments of intense concentration.) I call this the internal soundtrack.
The thing is, people will ask me 'What was that song you were whistling?" and I go, "I was whistling?"
This morning I was apparently whistling the intro from the Guns and Roses song Patience. One of my co-workers says "Is that Guns and Roses? I love that song." I was still in mid whistle so I was able to identify it.
One mistake people often make is to think that because I am whistling, I am therefore in a good mood. Not the case. This ain't Snow White, kids. Tends to happen when I'm concentrating. Just a weird habit.

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I'm jealous.