Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Day That Was

So anyway, here's how the day off finally went. I ended up going over to Barnes & Noble rather than to a used bookstore. I picked up an anthology of short mysteries and an Ed Gorman western novel. Did I ever mention that I occasionally read Westerns? Probably not. It's one of those few and far between things. Ed Gorman writes crime fiction as well. In fact Gorman's Westerns tend to be plotted much like his private eye books. That's true of Loren D. Estleman and Bill Pronzini too. Both those guys have PI series and western series.
Other than that I've pretty much just chilled as planned. I read some comics and finished a book I was reading. I did write three pages of fiction. I surfed the Internet and watched the Extras on the Doctor Who DVD. And I enjoyed having the windows open and the ceiling fan going. All and all it was the kind of day off I wanted. Can't beat that.

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