Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Dream of Flying

I used to have a lot of flying dreams. They've grown more infrequent over the years, but I find I tend to get quality even if I don't get quantity. This morning I had a corker of a flying dream. I was at full flight ability, able to soar, hover, glide, whatever and I put it to good use. I flew down over the interstate and buzzed the roofs of cars, (almost colliding with a semi truck that popped up suddenly) waving at shocked drivers and delighted children. Then I went for altitude, shooting straight up until the world lost most of its details and the edge of the atmosphere loomed. (Next time I'm lucid dreaming, I should try and get into space.) Finally I followed a fast moving freight train for a while and then alighted on the roof of one of the cars. I was still sitting there, watching the world roll by and knowing I could fly away at any moment, when I woke up. Those are the kinds of dreams that give you a good feeling upon waking. Far too few, but always welcome when they come.

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