Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Reading Report

First book for this weekend was a re-read of Robert B. Parker's Sudden Mischief. The plot was a bit thin, even for Parker, but the dialog was as snappy as ever and there were plenty of action scenes. Next up is Water Sleeps, one of Glen Cook's Black Company novels. The Black Company is basically a fantasy take on the Viet Nam war. Follows a group of soldiers, kind of like Sgt Rock's Easy Company, as they fight various wars in a Tolkien-ish fantasy world. Dark books that don't usually end well, but very well written. Cook is something of a maverick in the fantasy genre, steadfastly writing his own kind of books in a field that encourages conformity.
Also reading selected short stories from two volumes of The Best American Mystery Stories that Whitney bought for me at the Marietta Library book sale. Thanks, Whitney!

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