Sunday, March 25, 2007

Return of an Old Favorite

Wandering around Borders this morning I spotted a new release of one of my favorite movies. Ridley Scott's The Duelists is set in the era of Napoleonic wars. One of Napoleon's soldiers (Harvey Keitel) takes offense at a very slight incident with another soldier (Keith Carradine) setting off a series of duels that occur over a period of almost three decades. Keitel's obsession simply won't let the matter go. Duels with foils, sabers, and pistols ensue. The saber duel is one of the most brutally realistic fight scenes I've ever seen, and if you know me, that's saying something.
Beyond the fighting though is an absolutely beuatiful film, filled with Ridley Scott's patented stylistic flourishes. The movie seems to exist in a world made up of early Victorian era French and British paintings. This is a new wide screen digitally enhanced release of the film with many extras, and Borders has it on sale for 12.99.


Jeri said...

Wow, there's a Ridley Scott film I haven't seen yet! Which year was it released? Harvey Keitel looks awfully young on that picture. ;)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

1977, Jeri. Been a while.

Jeri said...

Eek. I was 6. That's scary, lol. No wonder I didn't know it.

I'll keep a lookout for it, though. I'm becoming a real Ridley Scott afficionado. Just checked out "Gladiator" again. Don't care much for the story, but the pictures are to die for.