Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Story

Tell you a story. Several years ago, I used to shop at a small independent bookstore in Atlanta. The place was owned and operated by a pair of elderly sisters. I don't think I ever learned their names. Anyway, I was in the store one Sunday, looking through their fiction section, which was always terribly misfiled for some reason, and the two women were chatting to a customer, someone who had apparently known them for a long time.
"You know when I was a girl I wanted to be an actress," One of the sisters said.
"Oh?" said the customer.
"Yes, and I wanted my screen name to be Lila Beaumont. I always thought that sounded grand."
"Lila Beaumont," the customer repeated. "That is a good screen name."
"But here she is instead," the other sister said.
"Yes, here I am," the first sister said with a shrug.
The conversation turned to other things. I continued browsing, and eventually picked out a book by Dennis Lehane. I think it was 'Gone, Baby, Gone,' but it might have been 'Sacred'. I took it up to the counter and the first sister took the book and rang it up.
As I took my book I said, "Excuse me. I don't mean to be forward, but aren't you Lila Beaumont?"
The woman's eyes widened and then she grinned and said, "Why yes I am!"
"I thought so," I said. "I always loved your movies."
The woman giggled. Probably on the night side of 60 and she actually giggled. She was still grinning as I left the store.
I'm not sure why I suddenly thought of that. Been at least six, seven years. But it suddenly came to me as I was digging through some stuff and you were all here, so I decided to share.Goodnight, Miss Beaumont. Wherever you are.


Lanny said...

You ROCK sir!

lk said...

So true!