Thursday, March 08, 2007

Time Travel Through Weight Loss

If you're tired of me talking about my weight loss regimen, skip this post. Sorry, but that's where my mind is these days. It takes some not inconsiderable effort to stay with the program so I think about it a lot. Meal plans, grocery lists, restaurant strategies, and work out schedules take up a lot of my time.
And speaking of time, it's weird how losing a lot of weight almost seems to reverse age, at least outwardly. I catch glimpses of my reflection and think, "Hey, I used to look like that." Six inches or so off your waistline makes a major difference. Size wise I'm at about 1998 right now and shooting for 1992.
Another interesting bit of info. My pal Trish, who is in the Air Force Reserves, informs me that military men over the age of 40 are expected to be able to do 40 push ups in one minute. I normally do 100 push ups every day, but I hadn't timed myself. Gave it a shot and I was able to knock out 36 good pushups in a minute. I am training now to get 41. Figure I might as well beat the military specs.

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