Friday, March 02, 2007

Under a Gibbous Moon

Noted fantasist and horror writer H.P. Lovecraft was inordinately fond of the word gibbous. His stories constantly took place "under a gibbous moon." Gibbous means not quite full, so a gibbous moon is one that is large and round, though not completely a full moon. Still it is an evocative and creepy word. (H.P.s favorite word for creepy or eerie was eldritch, another nifty sounding word.)
Anyway, old H.P. would have loved the sky this morning. We had thunderstorms last night and there was still a lot of cloud cover this morning. Thus I drove in to work under a haloed, gibbous moon, half hidden by dark tendrils of clouds, which circled the moon like the tentacles of some nameless thing from the outer dark. I could practically here the gibbering and slavering...

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Lanny said...

OK...I'm creeped out.

Thats' well "Crafted" prose!