Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Unexpected Afternoon

They are experiencing computer difficulties at my work place today and basically, if the computers aren't working, my job as AutoCad draftsman is pretty much dead in the water. Computer was down when I got there and showed no signs of being up any time soon, so I decided to just take a half day and enjoy the weather. I've been out and about and now I'm home with all the windows open and the ceiling fan whirling.
It is early spring and the sky is that sharp shade of blue that you only get in the first weeks of March, and full of high banks of drifting clouds. I wish I had a digital camera because the dogwoods are in full bloom, and you have never seen anything like dogwood trees in Georgia unless you have been here. Small white and pink petals that fall in showers when the wind stirs the trees, like something from a Japanese woodcut. Were I the writer that my friends Laura and Beth are, I would tell you just how beautiful it is today. You'll just have to take my ham handed description for what its worth.


Lanny said...

Ahhh...springtime in Georgia.

Nothin' else like it anywhere. Ever. Period.

Once again, my friend, I'm jealous.

Brett Brooks said...

It's great just so long as you don't have allergies. Trust me, Georgia looks very ugly to me this time of year. At least for the couple of hours a day that I'm not asleep from pollen-head.