Sunday, April 01, 2007

Home for the Most Part

This was another of those weekends where my entertainment budget was pretty much shot by real world expenses, so I've been home for the most part. I had, as you may recall, planned to play Lord of the Rings on line a good bit this weekend, but it appears my current Internet connection speed is a bit too slow to handle the game. I can get in but it lags something terrible. I've been meaning to get a faster connection for a while now, so I went ahead and emailed Bellsouth to upgrade me to the Extreme DSL. Hopefully that will do the trick.
I also haven't been in much of a reading mood this weekend. Shocking, I know, but that does happen from time to time. I will tear through a few dozen books and then come up for air. This weekend most of the reading I've done has been back issues of Savage Sword of Conan, and not really too many of those. I started the time travel novel Outlander, but decided after about 100 pages that it wasn't my cuppa tea. Sorry, Gabaldon fans.
I have watched a lot of Hercules this weekend. Watched four of the five original Herc TV movies that preceded the regular series. It's kind of interesting to note that Lucy Lawless, who would go on to play Xena, appears as a totally different character in the first film, Hercules and the Amazon Women, and that Rene O'Connor, who would later play Xena's sidekick Gabrielle, plays the female romantic lead in the second movie. Other series regulars who show up in the first two films are Michael Hurst as Iolaus, and Robert Trebor, who would have a continuing roll as Salmoneus in the series but plays a slave who simply doesn't want to be free in Hercules and the Lost Kingdom.
Another weird bit of casting is Roma Downey, best known for the sappy series Touched by an Angel, as the queen of the Amazons. I much prefer her as an amazon. Yowza.

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My angel is an amazon...

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