Friday, April 06, 2007

Pizza for Xena

The other day my mom asked me what I was going to do when I ran out of Hercules episodes. I told her I'd start buying seasons of Xena. Well I'm a long way from running out of Hercules shows, but I found season six of Xena on sale for $19.95 yesterday so I went ahead and bought it. That's not even a buck an episode.
Now I don't plan on watching the series out of order so I was just going to put the DVDs away until I've finished with Herc and picked up earlier Seasons of Xena, but there was one episode that I knew was in season six that I wanted to watch.
Goes like this. Back in 2001, the USA Network was showing Hercules and Xena back to back on weeknights. I came in one evening and turned on the TV just in time to catch the last five minutes of Xena. There were Xena and Gabrielle, standing in what looked like a contemporary junk yard, being menaced by a villain in...a Camaro? I was completely confused, not having really watched the show regularly for the last couple of years. Was Xena time traveling? Anyway, I changed channels, figuring I'd catch the episode in rerun, but I never did.
So when I got home from Movie Stop yesterday, I dug out the discs and looked over the various episode titles. 'Send in the Clones' looked likely to my keen deductive skills, so I popped that one in. Sure enough, the episode takes place in 2001 New York where one of Xena's old foes, the Amazon Alti, has tricked three geeky fans of the Xena: Warrior Princess show into helping her clone Xena and Gabrielle. Much silliness ensues as Xena and Gabrielle meet the 21st century. Probably my favorite moment is when the fans are showing Xena episodes of the TV series and asking her what she thinks. Through a mouth full of pizza she says, "I like the one playing me. She's kinda sexy."

PS. Just to show that my subconscious hates me, I ended up having a dream this morning in which for some unknown reason, Xena and I were breaking into a house in an Atlanta suburb. Villains were up to something, though I can't remember what. Anyway, five thugs rush into the room. Xena brandishes her sword and says, "I'll handle this. I say, "No, no. You're my guest." Then I proceed to mop up the floor with the thugs. Xena compliments me on my technique.
Now why couldn't I have had a dream where I was wrestling Xena? Oh no. Couldn't have that. We have to be fighting bad guys. Stupid subconscious....

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