Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Radio Songs

Something Cliff said over at his blog about never being a huge fan of the band The Doors, but gaining appreciation for them, made me think of a similar thing that had happened to me with at least two bands. REM and The Rolling Stones. These are two bands that I originally didn't like much, but over the years have come to really like. I'll use REM to explain since that is freshest in my memory.
I can remember being vaguely aware of REM in the late 1980s. I heard Radio Free Europe and It's the End of the World as we know it, and several other of their early songs on the radio and wasn't overly impressed. I saw them on MTV and thought the lead singer rather pretentious. (That hasn't changed actually.)
Then, about 1991 they came out with the album Out of Time, which included the song Losing My Religion. I kind of liked that one. So then I would say, "I don't like REM but I do like this one song."
Over the next couple of years I added another couple of songs to the list. Everybody Hurts. Man on the Moon. I'd find myself singing them as I drove, always a good sign. So then I had to say, "I'm not a huge REM fan, but they do have a few songs I like."
Then about 2001, and here my memory fails me, because I can't recall exactly why, I picked up a couple of REM CDs one day. Probably on a whim. I do that. The albums were Eponymous and Automatic for the People. The latter contained two of the songs mentioned above and the former was a collection of many of the band's earlier hits. Oddly enough, it was the songs on Eponymous, many of which I had formerly ignored on the radio, which finally pushed me over into being a fan.
My favorite REM song? South Central Rain. Something about the lyrics, I think. It's kind of a haunting song, and there are a couple of lines that would make great story titles. I also ended up really likeing Driver 8 and The One I Love. So anyway, now I have lots of REM CDs and listen to them frequently.
And the Stones? Pretty much the same. It started with, "I don't like the Rolling Stones but I do like this one song..."

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