Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Update

The low profile weekend worked out pretty well. I only made one brief public appearance, early on Saturday. I didn't get all my research done for my articles, but I did pull all the necessary comics, magazines, etc, so that's moving along. Let's see, what else did I do?
I lucked out at Movie Stop again and got the first season of Xena for cheap-like. Watched several episodes of that during the weekend. I had just finished up season two of Hercules, so I decided I'd watch a season of Xena before proceeding to season three of Herc. I have an idea for a possible short story based on that dream I had with Xena in it, so I need to do a little research there too. (Besides, Xena's a lot more fun to 'research' than Hercules. ahem.)
Speaking of DVDs, Cliff gave me the first season of the Rockford Files and is loaning me the first season of 24, so I may have to throw all that into the Herc/Xena mix. Thanks Cliff!
I picked up five more issues of Savage Sword of Conan on EBay, bringing the number I need to complete the series run down to 11. Getting darn close.
I discovered a new character for my Department of Lost Barbarians. More on him later.
Read several comic books.
That's about it. Hardly my most thrilling blog entry, but there you go.

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