Monday, April 02, 2007

With a Little Help From My Friend

I had hit a snag in my crusade to get a full run of Savage Sword of Conan. The problem was, the issues I was having the most trouble locating were the last 24, issues 212 through 235. The problem with the later issues is they had lower print runs. SSoC was running out of steam toward the late 1990s and the book simply wasn't selling as well, so Marvel printed fewer copies. Jump ahead a decade though and that means the poorer selling copies are the hardest to find.
Someone put up a large group of Savage Sword on Ebay last weekend. 166 issues. Unfortunately I only needed 24 of those 166 and by the time I saw the auction, the magazines had already gone out of my price range.
Enter my pal Cliff, who decided he would bid on the auction, figuring to pass issues 212-235 on to me and put the other 142 issues out for sale at his Comic Book store, Dr. No's. He won the bid, so soon I'll have the hardest to come by issues. Once again, Cliff comes through. Thanks, man. You're a stand up guy and a heck of a friend.

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cliff said...

Glad to do it!

If you miss the fun of the hunting them down, though, I can hide them in the store and let you search for them...