Monday, May 07, 2007

Angel of Destruction

Beth has requested vacation beach books for folks who might actually get to take a vacation. I'll chime in with a nail-biter of a suspense book which I read last week. Robert Crais' Demolition Angel is a white knuckle thriller. Just the sort of hefty,'can't put it down' kind of book that suspense fans want, and it's out in paperback so you can stuff it in your travel bag or beach tote.
Carol Starkey was a bomb squad tech, blown up along with her partner/lover when an earthquake triggered an explosive device she was attempting to disarm. Dead at the scene, she was revived by paramedics but her lover didn't make it. Demoted from the bomb squad to an investigative position, she carries the physical and mental scars of what happened to her. Carol is angry, bitter, and unable to make any sort of emotional connection.
Then, when a former bomb squad colleague is killed by a serial bomber know as Mr. Red, Carol leads the investigation. She has to face her own inner demons to hunt for the bomber, and follow a twisting path that could lead to her own redemption and maybe even a chance at love again. Unfortunately, Mr. Red knows who Carol is, and how to find her.
I raved about Crais' new hardback, The Watchman, a few posts ago. Demolition Angel may be even more suspenseful. It's certainly more complex and a much bigger book. Grab a copy and head for the hills. Or even the beach.

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