Friday, May 25, 2007

Long Weekend

Once again I have taken advantage of my job's weird work schedule. We work four 9 hour days and one 4 hour day every week, which is very cool on weekends. 11:00 AM Friday and I'm done. Anyway, I have split an 8 hour vacation day, leaving at the half day yesterday and taking today (Friday) off. That gives me four and a half days off with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday.
I can use the time off. The job has been a little stressful lately as our company is going through growing pains. We're moving from being a small company to being a medium size company. Sales are up. Profits are up. We are busy busy busy.
But, as the only guy doing the drawings for five engineers, I've had a lot more drafting to do. This is okay because I prefer to be busy and I'm very very fast. Some say inhumanly so. But at the speed that orders are coming in, I'm often drafting stuff that I've never seen. The component parts haven't arrived and I'm drawing from customer prints or manufacturer's specs as opposed to actually having the part to look at. Means I usually have to do a good bit of redrawing to get all the details right. This doesn't make me happy. I like to get a drawing right the first time and move on. Thus my stress level has been up. I'm getting the hang of the new process I think, so things should improve. but as I said, I'm glad to have a few days off.


Jeri said...

Will you have time to be in chat Saturday morning?

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I'll be there. 8:00 am.

Jeri said...

I'll try to be punctual but I need to pick up medication for Ephiny, so I might be a couple minutes late. Don't go away!