Monday, May 21, 2007

The Reading Report

This weekend I read Michael Connelly's book, The Closers. Been a while since I read one of Connelly's Harry Bosch novels. This one follows Harry's return to the police department after a three year absence. He's assigned to the L.A. Police Department's Cold Case Squad and leaps right into investigating a murder from the 1980s. The book moves along at a good pace with much procedural evidence sifting. Not a white knuckle thriller, but a good solid crime novel.

Also read Lee Child's The Hard Way. Probably my last look at Child for a while. He spends too much time showing how much tougher, smarter, faster, sneakier, more clever, etc etc his protagonist, Jack Reacher, is than everyone else in the world. It begins to wear on you after a while. Seems like every incident and dialog exchange is set up to remind you just how cool Reacher is, in case you didn't get it the first time. Or the second. Or the twelfth...

Also read A Walk Through Ancient Rome by John T. Cullen, which is a major league cool history book. As the name implies, it's a trip through Rome and its environs, showing you everything you might have seen had you walked through the city in 150 AD or so. Very well researched and written with a surprising amount of verve and color. Anyone planning on writing fiction set in the Roman Empire should glom onto a copy of this. I've read a lot of books about Rome and I learned stuff I didn't know within the first twenty pages. Now if someone would just write one called A Walk Through Medieval Constantinople, I'd be all over it.

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