Monday, June 18, 2007

Cop Shows, Talking Pigs, New Gods and Old

Rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. I read my way through the Kirby Fourth World book, marveling once again at the power of Jack's art. Best thing about the Fourth World collections is that the comics are being reprinted chronologically, so you read a couple of Jimmy Olsens, then a Forever People, then a New Gods, then back to Jimmy, them Mr. Miracle, and so on.
I watched the first episode of The Bill and found it fascinating. Basically a Hill Street Blues type show set in a small police precinct in London. Really made me want to go back to London. Maybe soon. My passport renewal is away, so at least I'll be ready if I get a chance to go.
I watched a couple of episodes of Hercules. I'm almost done with the fourth season. Interesting thing about that season is only about half the episodes actually have Kevin Sorbo in them. He had some serious medical issues that year and as a result the writers were faced with the difficult task of writing a bunch of Hercules episodes without Hercules in them. They made good use of the supporting cast, giving Michael Hurst, Bruce Campbell, the late Kevin Smith, and others chances to shine. Last night's episode was "Porkules" where Hercules is turned into a pig. Sorbo appears briefly at the beginning and the end of the episode, but then the rest of the show, he's a pig. Basically a Hercules take on the movie Babe, with the ever helpful Herc saving a bunch of farm animals from slaughter.
Fourth season also has an interesting two parter (Armageddon Now) where Xena's arch enemy Callisto travels back in time to prevent Xena's army from killing her family. But first she kills Hercules's mother so that Herc will never be born. That turns out to be a mistake, since without Herc to reform Xena, the unrepentant warrior princess actually conquers the world. There's a creepy scene where Empress Xena orders a rebel crucified for speaking out against her rule. The rebel is Gabrielle.
I read a bit of the Michael Connelly book and started another book that will supply a subject for the next installment of my Department of Lost Barbarians.
That's pretty much it. Happy Monday.

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