Thursday, June 28, 2007

Running a little behind this morning. Pour organic raisin bran and low fat milk into a solo cup so I can eat as I take care of various things. Make sure cats have plenty of food and fresh water. Amelia feels she needs a surreptitious kitty treat. Bruce drags his favorite shoe lace in so I can whirl it around a bit before I go.
I forgot I'm out of razor blades so my jaw is stubbly. Folks at work will just have to deal.
They've moved the mail boxes at the apartment to the front of the complex. I need to mail something so I wander up, still munching raisin bran. It is already warm and muggy outside. Summer in Georgia. Chance of rain next couple of days, someone has told me. Water from the sky? Never happen.
I ride in with the window down, the heavy, humid air made cooler by speed. Ground fog in the lowlands where highway 92 crosses highway 5. I stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee, drop my empty solo cup in a trash bin as I leave the parking lot.
Work is dark. Only one other car in the lot. Check my watch. Couple of minutes later than normal, but of course not actually late. I am never late.

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