Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday So Far

Took my parents out for breakfast this morning, in honor of Father's Day. Gave my dad a Gift Card to Movie Stop. He and mom like to go there and buy cheap DVDs. We had a nice talk. I told them of my adventures keeping Trish's cats. Mom caught me up on family stuff. I brought mom a book of short stories by Steven Saylor. She brought me some Fanta Orange Zero.
I splurged and had some pancakes. I've dropped 44 pounds and almost four pants sizes. Figure I can have some pancakes.
On the way home I swung by Borders. Picked up a DVD set of the British cop show, the Bill. I'm a sucker for London based TV shows. Also got another Michael Connelly paperback.
Now I'm home, with the windows open and the ceiling fans whirring. Not too hot out there yet and due to the drought conditions, the air is remarkably humidity free. I think our humidity is hiding out in Chicago. The cats have gone home, so I'm torn between missing them and enjoying the quiet.
Anyway, that's my Sunday so far.

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