Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Centennial Celebration

My Aunt Eula is 100 years old today. She was born in 1907. She also still lives alone in her own apartment and gets around just fine and her mental faculties are still sharp. Kind of amazing really. Anyway, because people don't turn 100 every day and because I am fond of her, I am suspending my usual policy of avoiding all large family get-togethers and I'll be attending her Birthday Party this evening. I don't plan to stay long. I just can't handle all the reminiscing and I'm somewhat anti-social anyway. But I'll put in an appearance and see her because I owe it to her.
When I was a kid my Aunt Eula was the aunt who always gave me drawing pads and construction paper and scissors and glue and the kind of stuff that I could use to make things. She understood that was what I liked. When my parents were out of town, she was the aunt my brother and I went to stay with. She loved having us. She always took us to the movies. Aunt Eula loved John Wayne and we saw True Grit and The Cowboys in the old Theater in downtown Canton where I also saw The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and the original Batman movie with Adam West.
Most amazingly, and constant readers of this blog will realize what a big deal this is, it was my Aunt Eula who introduced me to Conan. In an earlier post I talked about how I discovered Conan through the pages of Marvel Comics Conan the Barbarian comic book. Well it was Aunt Eula who gave me that comic. Now keep in mind, she didn't, and doesn't, know zip about Conan. She just knew I liked comics so she picked 10 at random and gave them to me one Christmas. But in that bunch was not only Conan, but an issue of Marvel's Greatest Comics, which gave me my first look at Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four work. Also my first ever issues of Spiderman, Marvel Team-Up, Captain America, Fantastic Four and The Avengers. I had never read any Marvel Comics until that Christmas.
I think we always remember the people who were good to us when we were children. Who genuinely enjoyed having us around. That's my aunt in spades. So Happy Hundredth Birthday, Aunt Eula. And thanks for the comics and the good memories.

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