Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last night my friend Cliff's dad had a stroke. A major one. The prognosis is about as bad as it can be. Cliff is one of my absolute best friends in the world and I hate that this is happening to him and his family. My paternal grandfather died of a series of progressively more debilitating strokes, so I know the havoc they can wreak on a person, changing them until they're no longer who they were.
Anyway, as always in a situation like this, you wish you could do something to help, but of course you can't. Everyone is helpless in the face of something like this. I'm just mentioning it here because that's where my thoughts are. With my friend.


CoyoteAllyson said...

Completely with you.

The reason Cliff is so cool, is because he has one really cool dad.

I think, the one thing we can all do, is just continue to be his friends.

cliff said...

Thank you for helping me though one of the most difficult times I've ever endured...