Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday at the Bookstores

Trish is out of town, but just for the weekend, so rather than haul her two cats up to my place for such a short visit, I said I'd just swing by and check on them today. That way they don't get too lonesome. I took advantage of being in that part of Marietta and stopped by a couple of used bookstores. I had good luck at both.
Book Nook Marietta does a brisk business in trading used books so its worthwhile to stop by there once a month or so. I almost always find something nifty. I was hoping to get either of the second two volumes in Poul Anderson's Last Viking trilogy, and though I didn't find either, I did get War of the Gods, which is another Viking saga by Anderson, and a collection of his short fantasy work that included his classic essay, 'On Thud and Blunder' which anyone trying to write heroic fantasy ought to read.
Then I visited Rowan's, which is a strange little store that sells used and remaindered books, DVDs and CDs. I don't usually find much there but they have some sort of odd deal which allows them to get mass quantities of Book Club editions of current best sellers, so often you can pick up a hardback book that's still on the chain store shelves at full $26.00 price for five bucks. I bought Jonathan Kellerman's new one, Obsession.
But the real find of the day was a used copy of Colin Well's 'Sailing From Byzantium', the hardback of which sells for $25.00 and the paperback for $14.00. My cost for a used hardback that looks brand new? Seven bucks. Gotta love it. This is yet another Byzantine Empire history book that I'd been wanting.
Loaded down with new books I made my way to Trish's condo. Amelia was pleased enough to see me to allow her head to be rubbed a bit before going off to Trish's bedroom to ignore me. Bruce was thrilled though and happily went to sleep on my back as I lay on my stomach reading. Eventually he woke up and went dashing about the house, which I took as my cue to leave. I never mind checking on the cats when Trish is away. I can sit and read at her place just as easily as I can sit and read at mine.

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