Monday, July 16, 2007

School Daze

For some reason I dreamed I was back in high school this morning. I know this is a classic stereotype dream, but it's not one I have very often. I rarely, if ever, think of high school and can count the number of times I've dreamed about it on one hand and still have fingers left over.
Anyway, in the dream I was sitting in English class, drawing when I was supposed to be doing some assignment. The teacher came by and asked why I wasn't doing the work and I told her because it was stupid and pointless. Somewhat irritated, the teacher asked how I'd like to fail the class. I told her I'd be fine with that since I only needed one class to graduate and it didn't have to be hers.
Now this scene really happened but it was in a different class and with a different teacher and under different circumstances. When I was in high school, Cherokee County allowed students to graduate in three years instead of four. You could get enough class credit in three years if you didn't have any extra curricular stuff. Without really meaning to, I had accumulated all but one class by the time I left my junior year, so I only attended half of my senior year and I only had to pass one of my six classes to graduate. Four of those classes were art classes and two were English. Can you say cake walk?
But my drama class teacher was a first year teacher with a bad attitude and she didn't much like my tendency to be class clown. One day when I had smarted off once too often to suit her she asked me how I'd like a failing grade in her class. I pointed out that I currently had like a 98 average in the class, but told her if she wanted to fail me that was fine because I was sure to pass my other five classes and I only needed to pass one of them. That didn't make her too happy but eventually it all blew over. I passed the class and all. I find it funny that the scene popped up in a dream all these years later, in a somewhat altered form.
But wait, there's still a punch line. I mentioned in a previous post that I often have lucid dreams. This didn't start out as one, but as soon as I told the teacher that I didn't have to pass her class, I suddenly thought, "Wait a minute. I already graduated high school. This is a dream." At that point I became completely lucid and got up and left the class room. I woke up soon after, laughing as I rolled over to look at the clock. Sometimes I think my sub conscious just likes to mess with me.

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