Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thongor Finale

Thongor rushed into the midst of the AUS (arachnids of unusual size) hewing about like a mad man. Hairy legs and gouts of greenish yellow ichors flew left and right.
"Want me to leave one for you, Priest?" Thongor called, thoughtfully.
"No, I'm good," said Priest, not wishing to deprive his burly buddy of the enjoyment of spider slaying.
Etheria, perched behind Zolthang's throne, said, "Gee, those things aren't even slowing them down."
"Obviously this isn't the first time that one has dealt with giant spiders," said Zolthang.
"Well duh, Einstein," said Etheria. "He's a barbarian. They eat giant spiders for breakfast. You need some new material, Mr. I want to be a dark lord."
"Oh sure, and I suppose you think shaking your bad-girl booty at them will stop them. It's your answer to everything else."
"It got them here, didn't it? You think you're so smart."
"Now now," said Priest, who had used the argument to inch closer to Zolthang and Etheria, "Can't we all just get along?"
Zolthang raised his hands dramatically, preparing to hurl a mystic bolt at Priest. Priest, quicker on the draw, raised the ornately carved chair he'd picked up on the way across the study and broke it over Zolthang's head.
"Um, he made me do it," Etheria said, pointing at the fallen sorcerer. "You're not going to hit me with that chair are you?"
Priest grinned, "No, I was thinking a spanking was more in line for you."
"Well now," said Etheria, twirling her emerald amulet. "Why don't we go to my room and discuss it."
Several minutes later, having reduced the giant spiders to small bits, Thongor looked up from the carnage, only to find Priest gone and Zolthang stretched senseless of the floor.
"Ha!" said Thongor. "One again barbarism has triumphed over decadent civilization. Um...where did everybody go? Preist? Priest!? Now where did he get to?"

The End

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