Sunday, August 26, 2007

Apollo's creed is 'know thyself'. I know me far too well and I know that this weekend I've been hiding out. I've barely spoken to anyone since I left work Friday. I've made no phone calls and accepted only a couple. I'm spent almost every waking hour either reading or watching DVDs. I've worked hard at keeping my mind occupied and tried to stay far away from introspection.
I'm still somewhat depressed and I can't quite shake it. As I said, hiding out. I've only been partially successful. No matter how well I hide, some of my private demons know where to find me. I've made peace with most of them, but they circle, just beyond the firelight on the off chance that they can catch me when my guard is down. Failing that, they'll just wait until I'm asleep and see me in my dreams.

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Jeri said...

I had the same kind of weekend. *hugs* I think my mind is trying to get rid of the clutter. It comes and goes.