Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Day Off

76 degrees out there at 5:45 this morning with a high of 98 expected. August in Georgia. Gotta love it. I had a pleasant day off yesterday. I went to Movie Stop and traded in some more DVDs. Picked up Fire and Ice, the animated Sword & Sorcery movie made by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta. Haven't seen that one in a couple of decades.
Also picked up the boxed set of the three Back to the Future movies. I always loved those movies. I'm a sucker for time travel anyway, and the Back to the Future films are just a lot of fun.
Swung by the bookstore and left with a new book about the psychology of serial killers. I don't read a lot of crime reference books these days because I found that reading a lot of that sort of thing tended to make me depressed. Still, I needed a bit of information for a book idea, and this looked like a useful book.
By the time I'd done all that, the temperature was in the upper 80s and climbing, so I headed for the AC and watched a bunch of the extras on the Back to the Future set. I love to watch documentaries about how films are made. Just fascinates me. Hard to believe the first BttF film came out in 1985.
Then I finished up Michael Moorcock's book The Dragon in the Sword, and started reading Adept's Gambit, one of Fritz Leiber's longer Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories. That's the day that was.

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