Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lost in Translation

Well I as it turned out, I simply couldn't wait for the second season of Rome so I bought it new Friday. I've only watched a couple of episodes but it seems to be right up there with the first season. Last night I took a break though and watched Lost in Translation again, which has become one of my favorite movies. very well written and directed, with a terrific performance by Bill Murray. I can't say exactly why I like this movie so much. Part of it is that I once spent a couple of very strange weeks in Japan and can certainly identify with the culture shock that Murray's character experiences. Try being in a world where your feet hang off all the beds and the shower head is at chest height.
Then there's the element of insomnia, something I've struggled with my entire life. I've certainly spent plenty of time in hotels awake and somewhat lost.
And I think Scarlett Johanson is gorgeous. That doesn't hurt.
Plus, I like the story. Yes, yes, I know. Big, mean, manly Charles likes a bitter sweet romance. Deal with it.

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Bentochan said...

I like that movie, and have the same "I'm not sure what I like about it so much" going on. It's just such a joy to watch that you kind of fall into it, and I like how the two of them become friends... And that last scene, when he whispers to her...