Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mews in the Night

2:00 this morning and I'm wide awake. Bruce the cat is asleep against my right side. Amelia the cat has finally settled back down after waking me at 1:00 by wandering the apartment, crying and looking for Trish. It's sort of sad, really. She meows in this sort of questioning way, slowly getting louder. Like Meow? Meeeeow? MEEEEOW?!
At which point I get up and go to where she is. She's not thrilled to see me. She wanted Trish. She meows some more, but if I just sit down on the couch, she grudgingly accepts my company and eventually calms down. After a while she curls up and goes back to sleep. That's usually good until I get up at 5:15 for work. We go through this pretty much every time I keep her, especially if a couple of months pass between visits. She should be okay after today. The shake-down period is usually about two days.
Takes me a while to get back to sleep, so of course this means I only got about four hours of sleep last night. For normal people that would be a problem. Fortunately, the maximum amount of time I sleep on a regular night is six hours, so I can get by on four hours pretty well.
Things tend to go better on the weekends when I'm around most of the day. Then I can usually keep the cats awake and active more and they tend to sleep all night. Well, Amelia anyway. Bruce, being still a kitten, doesn't sleep any more than he absolutely has to. But then he's got a really quiet, squeaky meow, so he's not nearly as disruptive as his older sister...

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