Monday, August 06, 2007

Random Weekend Thoughts

I didn't read much this weekend. Surprising, since I spent a lot of the weekend without Internet access, but sometimes even I'm not in the mood for reading. I also watched a lot of DVDs, a couple of which I've reviewed here.
What little reading I did was mostly re-reading. I had been meaning to re-read some of Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories. It had been six or seven years since I'd returned to the boys from Lankhmar, and a few of the stories I hadn't read in a couple of decades. I'll talk more about that later.
Otherwise, I had a restless weekend, one of those where I paced a lot and did mindless things like cleaning the living room and straightening bookshelves. I spent far too much time in introspection. Always a dangerous thing.
I did make it to the gym several times. I worked my biceps so hard Sunday morning that I had the shakes while I was trying to shop for books. That's what you get when you train to exhaustion.
Let's see, what else?
I had possibly the worst pizza I've ever had, and have now wiped Papa John's from my list of restaurants.
I had many strange and somewhat disturbing dreams, which I won't go into.
I read a bunch of old comic books.
That's pretty much it.


CoyoteAllyson said...

Wow! It is Kismet!

Brett and I had bad pizza this weekend as well. When you have a chance, do avoid Bella's Pizza in Bristol, Virginia. You'll be glad you did.

By the way, it wasn't that dream where you were being stalked by a psychotic stripper and her crazy zombie children, was it? 'Cause, that was the dream I had...

Jeri said...

I've been dreaming of my family for the last week. While none of them were violent or really unpleasant, I'm not really excited about dreaming of them, either. Too much baggage for my tastes.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I've always had a lot of nightmares, ever since I was a kid. As an adult I have the kinds of dreams that only a man with a vast knowledge of violence can have. But the dreams that usually disturb me are rarely violent, and are more personal in nature.
On the other hand I often have amazingly vivid dreams that are absolutely wonderful. My imagination is a two edged sword it seems.