Friday, September 07, 2007

Even Tarzan's in Rome

Over at ERBZine they're continuing with the reprints of Russ Manning's stunning Tarzan Sunday comics pages. This is great for me because most of this stuff has never been reprinted in easily available volumes, so many of the stories, like this one, are absolutely new to me. NEW comics written and drawn by my favorite Tarzan comics artist. Gotta love it. The current reprint features Tarzan's adventures in a lost city that was founded by Romans and of course, through the logic of H. Rider Haggard style lost race romance, the culture is exactly as it was in ancient Rome.
The wicked empress thinks to trap some recently captured slaves between savage jungle animals and a legion of her crack troops for a little slaughter, but she hasn't reckoned on one of those captives being Tarzan of the Apes. Now he's leading his ape brothers against the Roman soldiers. Just look at that beautiful action panel on the lower left. Man, Russ could draw. Now of course the Empress will fall for Tarzan as all those evil queens always do. If you want to read the story as it's reprinted go here.

You're in for a treat, seeing one of the classic comics artists working at the top of his game on his favorite character.

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