Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall in the Air

A cool 66 degrees this morning. Finally starting to feel like fall out there. Monday morning was the first morning in some time that I could open the windows and air the apartment out. The heat had been so intense for several weeks that my AC had been running pretty much non stop. We're still hitting highs in the 90s in the afternoons but the ten day forecast shows highs only in the 80s after Friday. About time.
I've never been a hot weather person. I am naturally warm natured and get hot very easily, so summer and me have never been on good terms. This year, since we had some record high temperatures, has been more annoying than usual.
Of course the approach of fall always seems to make me restless, and I felt just a hint of that this morning. I'm still badly in need of a vacation, but circumstances both financial and otherwise are conspiring to keep me stuck at home. (Hey, I've only been out of debt for a month. Need time to accumulate some funds.)
Still, fall is my favorite season. I like to see the trees turn color. I like the crispness of the air and that particular quality of sunlight that only occurs in the autumn of the year.

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