Monday, September 10, 2007

Goodbye Golds

After right at seven years I'm canceling my membership at Gold's Gym in Woodstock. Part of that is because of the increasing indifference of the management and the lack of maintenance to the equipment. The main reason, however, is because I can't get to the cable machine. It is infested by yuppies.
I am, for the most part, an old fashion weight lifter. I use free weights for 90% of what I do. But for one muscle group, the triceps, which are the big muscles at the back of your arms below the shoulder, I like the constant resistance offered by the cable machine. There is tension during both parts of the exercise.
But here's the problems. Yuppies fear free weights. The idea that a barbell or dumbbell might fall on them fills them with terror. So they congregate at the cable machine, with their towels and their water bottles, usually doing nothing that will actually do them any good. The last half a dozen times I've been to Golds, there have been at least three people waiting to get to the cable stations, of which there are only two.
Now my work out is fairly intense. I try to move quickly from one station to the next, finishing the entire routine in about 45 minutes. (Weights only. Not counting cardio.) An adult male only produces testosterone for about that length of time, so if you're spending much more time lifting weights, you're not building muscle. You're mostly doing aerobics after 45 minutes. Anyway, I don't have time to wait for a bunch of people in color coordinated sweat suits to get off the freaking cable machine. Since that machine is pretty much the only thing I need other than free weights, and I can't seem to use it, I don't see much sense in giving Golds money every month.
So I have begun accumulating dumbbells. There is a cable machine at the small fitness center in my apartment complex which is almost always yuppie free. I'll get a bench once I have all the free weights I want and I'll start doing the 90% of my routine at home and the other 10% in the fitness center. I expect to have what I need by the end of the month, so pretty soon I'll be saying goodbye to golds.


Bentochan said...

rofl. Poor Charles.

Gabriele C. said...

Tell me. I'm fed up with the giggling girls who want to look like Keira Knightley, only with a breast implant, making remarks about my simple clothes (not colour coordinated, but washable at 90°C). I don't need the gym, riding, swimming and sword fighting do enough for my, not to mention lots of hiking.