Thursday, September 13, 2007

House Guests

Trish is away for two weeks, serving her country with her Air Force reserves unit. She's somewhere near Portugal, I think. Anyway, as you've doubtless surmised, I am once again in posession of her two cats, Bruce and Amelia. So far this has been one of their easiest transitions yet. Amelia, though a little grumpy, has been sleeping well every night and not howling at all. Bruce has been his usual affectionate, crazy self. So far, so good.
One of them did throw up yesterday, but according to my cat owning friends, that's to be expected from cats. I'm keeping an eye on them to make sure they aren't actually sick. At least which ever of them it was was kind enough to go into the bathroom before hurling. In the past Amelia has usally thrown up in the living room or in my closet. Now I feel that I have the full pet owner experience...

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