Monday, September 17, 2007

I just learned that author Robert Jordan passed away yesterday, the victim of a rare blood disease. While not a big fan of his Wheel of Time series, I have always liked Jordan's prose style. Very clear and easy to follow. Just good, solid writing. His half a dozen or so Conan pastiches were among the best of the Tor series. Action packed and full of the stuff of high adventure. The one WoT book that I did finish was the 'prequel' New Spring, which began as a novella in the collection Legends. He expanded it into a short novel which I was pretty impressed with. I feel bad for his fans, who eagerly awaited each new WoT book, though I understand that there were extensive notes, plot direction, etc left for his uncompleted 12th WoT book and that someone will complete it for him. Don't know if that will tie up all the loose ends or not. Jordan followed Terry Brooks as one of the first writers to really popularize the post-Tolkein brand of epic heroic fantasy. His work was enjoyed by millions of fans. He'll be missed.

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