Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day

In case you weren't aware, Today is international Talk Like a Pirate Day. We take this holiday very seriously at my work place, mostly because of myself and two other people who insist on paying more attention to this than we do to any of the regular Holidays. I'm wearing my monogrammed pirate polo shirt with its custom version of our company's logo altered to a nautical theme, complete with skull, cross bones, a hook and an anchor. (I drew it and one of my co-workers had them made) Since I get to work early I'll be playing the Great Pirate. Never heard of the Great Pirate? He's the Pirate that flies around the world on Talk Like a Pirate Eve and delivers treats to all the good little girls and boys. I will be distributing Robert's American Gourmet snacks (provided by one of me mateys) to all the desks before anyone arrives. Pirate Swords and Cannon Balls for the guys and Pirate Booty for the gals. (You figure it out.)
One of our vendors, who joyously embraces the holiday, is catering the event, bringing lunch for the entire office. The air will be filled with phrases like, "belay that", "aye matey," "shiver me timbers" "avast', and such all day and entirely too many cries of "Arrrrrrrrr!!"
But that's okay. It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.


CoyoteAllyson said...

It be a joyous day fer all!

I been a good wench all year, so I be hopin' that the Great Pirate wilst be presentin' me with a keg 'o ale!

Me timbers is a-shivered just thinkin' about it!

Bentochan said...

Yar-har me matey! Tis been a great day of nautical chattering, when I wasn't swabbing the deck or minding the mizzen mast! I even followed a treasure map all the way to a cd of Pirate Metal. YarrrrrrRRRRRRR!!!